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Customer Comments:

“Now that I’ve had time to review your website, I’m super impressed with your company: you provide beautiful, delicious food, exquisite customer service AND healthful recipes! I look forward to trying some of them.”
Abby from Napa

“We are really happy and enjoy the great quality. Also enjoy being pushed out of comfort zone with produce we wouldn’t have though about buying. It has made us more creative in the kitchen.”
Brian – Napa

”First rate produce. Always fresh and always on time. I had one of the biggest, greenest heads of Romaine that I have ever seen. And I particularly like the quality Rainbow Chard.”
Steve – Mill Valley

”I have never tasted any organic fruit or veggie any better than Betty’s. As well, I have been trying different boxes and sizes for some time now so I can get the perfect arrangement for me. The people dealing with me have been beyond patient and most gracious in helping me find the right combination. This is an amazing service and a most healthy one at that. I can no longer drive so this is a real gift for me.”
Louise – Santa Rosa

”When my Betty’s Organics box was hand-delivered to me at work, it was so beautiful, I had to show it off. It actually looked like something you would see in a print ad. For me, having a mystery box arrive is better, because The rut I’ve worn in the produce department doesn’t go near the “chard” section. The rainbow chard they sent me was gorgeous and delicious.”
Groupon customer – Napa

“Thanks for sending the recipes with my deliveries. I tried and loved the potato leek soup. I also tried the creamy green soup today. Tastes great and very green! These are great since I do find myself at a loss of how to use all the contents of the box while feeding my family.”
Margot – Novato

”Based upon a friend’s recommendation I tried out Betty’s Organics produce/fruit delivery service. Three weeks/deliveries into my membership and I am very happy. Great looking, tasty produce brought to my office every week. I get the “More Veg” selection for $30.00 per week. Previously, I would get my fruits and vegetables from the Mill Valley Whole Foods or the Sunday Marin Farmers’ Market. I have recognized some of the growers names in the Betty’s Organics boxes from those venues. This is a great way to introduce items you may not usually buy into your diet and keep you on track with fresh greens.”
Cael – San Rafael

”The veggies and fruit are amazing! The grapes and chard were fantastic! The man who arranged everything was incredibly kind and understanding. I highly recommend this company to all!”
Sue – Tiburon

”The most well-known estimate of the average distance a meal has traveled from the farm to your table in the US is 1,500 miles. Considered on a regional basis, Betty’s is cutting down further on the carbon emissions we would have produced if we consumers all traveled separately in our cars to the market to buy the produce that Betty’s delivers to us. In addition, Betty’s makes every effort to buy its organics from Bay Area farms and, when that’s not possible, at least obtains fair trade exotic items, always organic, to please us foodies. You CAN change the world, one bite at a time.”
Janice – San Rafael

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