How it Works!

What do I receive?

We deliver $42, $33, and $28 size boxes which contain an assortment of up to 14-16 different types of seasonal fruit and vegetables depending on the size of the box and the mixture ordered. We have several different mixtures available.

  • Family Fruit & Veg box – $43
  • Fruit & Veg Box – $33
  • More Fruit Box – $33
  • More Veg Box – $33
  • Fruit & Salad Box – $33
  • Fruit Lover’s Box – $28
  • Veg Lover’s Box – $28

Each week, we shop for the highest quality fruit and vegetables and compile a mixture to be delivered to your door. For those customers who have food allergies or dislikes, we provide a Customer Choice List where you can customize your order. We will replace the items you don’t want with more of what you do want.

Where does the produce come from?

All of our produce is 100% certified organic. We buy the produce from local farms and to offer a greater variety, we also buy from organic wholesalers who supply items that are out of season in California. We guarantee that all of our produce is grown in accordance with the California Organic Food Act and/or Certified by the Organic Crops Improvement Association. We are happy to provide the names of our growers and certification agencies.

When will I receive my box?

You may receive your box of produce Weekly, Every Other Week, or even Every Third or Fourth Week, or whenever you need a box. To find out the delivery day for your area, just visit the delivery day page. And, there is no need to be home to receive your box, just leave a check taped to the door, or provide us with a credit card, and we will leave the box on your doorstep.

We deliver the produce between 6am and 6pm. You don’t have to be home to receive your produce – just tell us where to leave the box (preferably in the shade), and we will drop it off. If you choose to pay for your box with check or cash, please leave it taped to your door for the first delivery and then taped or paper clipped to your box for each consecutive delivery.

We try to reuse the boxes (trying to do that bit more for the environment) so we ask you to please fold them down flat and store them in a clean dry place until your next delivery so we can collect, and reuse them.

We charge $2 for each un-returned box.

What Day?

Your delivery day is determined by the city in which you live. When you place your first order, we will inform you of your delivery day.

How Often?

You may receive your box of produce weeklyevery other weekmonthly or whenever you need a box.

Am I getting good value?

We provide the freshest, least handled, largest selection of produce in the Bay Area. Because of our low over-head, we are able to charge less than grocery stores carrying organic produce. Most of the produce you receive will have arrived at the supplier’s the night before. On the day of you delivery, we pick up our produce, box it, and deliver it. Often it has been picked less than 24 hours before arriving at your door.